What is ggiterm?

ggiterm is a terminal emulator which uses the platform-agnostic GGI library for its input and display. This enables ggiterm to be run unmodified on any target supported by GGI, including X Window, the Linux framebuffer, Windows and more exotic setups...

Ever dreamed of typing your command lines on a fully anti-aliased, unicode-enabled, 3x3 TV display wall?

Latest news

06/27/2005 - Version 0.7.1 released

Tremendous speedups in this release. Many longstanding bugs have been fixed as well. It is not bug free, but I think our patient users have been waiting for an update long enough...


11/28/2004 - New website

The ggiterm website was updated today to use more current web technologies. This was my first attempt at CSS, and also the first time I realized what a PITA Internet Explorer is to a web designer. Please use any other browser!


11/17/2004 - Birth of Evan

My son Evan was born today, november 17th at 12:05 pm, weighting 3,940 kg and 51 cm tall. Mother and child are doing well. A big kiss to my wife Carole for giving birth to such a little wonder!


10/22/2004 - Version 0.7.0 codename "Evan" released

Terminal emulation is now complete, and scrolling is much faster. The Shift + Page Up/Down feature allows to view the terminal's history. New capabilities: blink, visual bell, civis, cnorm (cursor invisibility), kpp, knp (Page Up/Down in less). Support for Windows/Cygwin thanks to Peter Ekberg.


12/02/2003 - Version 0.6.2 released

Configure/build fixes for *BSD and MacOS X.


11/28/2003 - Version 0.6.1 released

vt100 compatibility completed. Now builds on Solaris.


10/30/2003 - Version 0.6 released

Colors, tabulations. Underline, bold and invisible modes implemented. Now builds on BSD too.


10/16/2003 - Version 0.5.1 released

Bugfix release. Now builds on MacOS X, thanks to Christoph Egger.


10/10/2003 - Version 0.5 released

First release. Many incomplete features, but it is somewhat useable now.


06/27/2003 - Alpha version preview

Initial release. Ugly and buggy. You can't do much with this, but it makes me feel good!





ANSI compliance :
vi works


Graphical characters :
make menuconfig


International characters :
japanese hiraganas


ggiterm is fast! :
OS : MacOS X 10.4 Tiger
CPU : PowerPC G4 800MHz
GGI-Target : display-x
(provided by C. Egger)


Supported platforms

ggiterm is known to run on Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD, Solaris and Windows/Cygwin. NetBSD 1.6 has been reported to work, but continued support remains uncertain because versions prior to 2.0 lack threads. NetBSD 2.0 and higher should be OK. Other Unices are untested, but should work at the cost of minor adjustments. If you compile and use it on such a platform, please report success/failure stories to the author!

Installation notes

For the time being, ggiterm is distributed as source code only. A SPEC file is provided in the tarball to ease the building of an RPM package. To install, first download the latest release and follow the instructions in the README file.

To successfully build ggiterm, you must have the following libraries installed:


Latest release


Older releases









You can contact the author for bug reports (or just to say hello!) at :
dedale1 [at] users [dot] sourceforge [dot] net


A font which is suitable for ggiterm and makes it fun to use

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